The meaning behind different pieces of jewelry

The abundance of jewelry variations available to wear can be confusing at times to people who usually do not give it much thought. Some choose their jewelry solely by looking at the design, others will think about the symbolism different kinds of jewelry represent. Before you gift someone jewelry it is good to think through your purchase and consider whether the particular piece of jewelry will suit not only the person’s looks but also their character. Here are just some descriptions of a few common jewelry designs:

Turquoise jewelry

The turquoise color has been used in jewelry in various cultures around the world since ancient times to symbolize spirituality. Nowadays it is said to be connected with well-being, openness, and general positive energy. Some people even claim that wearing turquoise jewelry can help improve one’s emotional health. Turquoise is heavily related to spirituality.

Turquoise jewelry is often very eye-catching and can be difficult to match with clothing due to its bright colors. It is not as universal as gold or silver so be sure to give it to someone who likes to wear colorful outfits.

Crucifixes and crosses

Crucifix jewelry, especially crucifix necklaces, is usually worn by Christians to reaffirm their faith and remember about Christ’s sacrifice during his crucifixion. The remainder that resurrection is possible brings hope to the wearer. There are many variations of crucifix necklaces, but by far the most common ones are made from gold because of its status as a noble metal. A gold crucifix necklace is a common piece of jewelry that is won on Wedding days when Wedding Music is being played.

Any jewelry pertaining to one’s faith, be it Christianity, Judaism, or any other, is very personal and should only be gifted to people who you are absolutely sure would be happy to receive it.


The design of a tree has become very common in modern jewelry. It can be found most often on necklaces as a pendant or on rings. The tree symbolizes a large array of concepts from rebirth, just like a tree loses its leaves in winter to grow new ones when spring comes, to continual growth that might be slow but will never stop. It is also associated with family, similar to the family tree. For Christians, it can mean the tree of the knowledge of good and evil found in the Garden of Eden from which Adam and Eve took the forbidden apple.

The tree’s universal symbolism makes it a good gift for most people. Tree jewelry comes in various materials with the most common being gold and silver. The tree’s leaves can be embedded with colorful gemstones.


Gems are widely used in jewelry and each one carries a different meaning. Making an exhaustive list of gemstone symbolism would take a long time but the more common ones are e.g. ruby as the symbol of passion and courage that will suit people with a fierce personality or amber that is associated with warmth and also the sea. Gems are also considered to be birthstones and every person has one birthstone assigned to them depending on the time they were born. Gifting jewelry made with one’s birthstone can also be a good idea to show them that you care about them.

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